Eclipse Model Operations (EMO)

»about EMO«

The Project

The Eclipse Model Operations project started in October 2007 with the goal of designing an adjustable, fully automatic matching algorithm for EMF models. Originally the project was named ModelMatcher. But with respect to the intention to support more model operations than only comparing and difference-building, the project was renamed to Eclipse Model Operations. Additional model operations, such like merging, (diff-based) unification or model import will be added later.


In 2008 the ModelMatcher was part of my Bachelor thesis on the topic "Berechnung und Anwendung von Modelldifferenzen im Geschäftsprozessmanagement" which can be found at the download page. In this thesis some evaluation of the matching- and diff-building-process were made on the ModelMatcher and EMF Compare.

In March 2009 the ModelMatcher was also part of a lecture about the calculation of model differences as a basis for the evolution of process models at the MSEIM-workshop as part of the Software Engineering conference 2009. The paper can also be found in the download section.


support for model merging
support for 3-way difference calculation
support for (diff-based) model unification
metamodel-dependent model comparison